The Autobiography of Lynn Markovich Bryant


1  The Hyphenated and Blended Smalls-Markovich Family
2  From 506 West Jefferson to Route 1, Box 209
3  The Baha'i Faith's Impact on My World
4  Initiation, Indoctrination, and Education into the White World
5  "Gal, who you tink you is?"
6  Racism Raises it's Ugly Head Within What Once was Family
7  Adjusting, Adapting, and Adopting to Black Beauty
8  Additional Lessons in Black 101
9 My Grammy and Bread Puddin'
10 Exposure, Transformation, and Infusion into Soul
11 Give Me that Ole Time Religion
12 No Cousins, No Kin
13 Beverly and the Dore Family
14 Friends Come in All Sizes, Ages, and Colors of Packages
15 Work is Worship
16 Raising "The Younger Set"
17 Uncovering the Myth: White Schools Superior to Black Schools
18 "Momma, I Hate White People"
19 A Test of Faith: "Why Richard?"
20 At Clemson, Trying to Find the Beat
21 "Why Do You Date Only Black Guys?"
22 Love Hang Over: Discrimination at Its Deepest Level
23 Rounds with Racist Roommates
24 Trials and Tribulations Abound
25 Then Came Bryant
26 In Retrospect

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