The Autobiography of Lynn Markovich Bryant


“Your book was both intriguing and honest in its approach to your family in the context of our nation’s confused and complex racial history.”
- Kimberly H. Davis, acquisitions editor,
University of Michigan Press

“You succinctly put into words your unique experience and immense pride in your heritage. You’ve described your religious transformation in a refreshing manner. Because of your frankness and honesty about your ethnicity, you invite a reader into your world with no qualms of negativities.”
- Hakim Abdul-Ali, writer, Charleston Chronicle newspaper

“What a pleasure it was to not only read, but ‘feel’ your words.”
- Saundra Dore, author and educator

"Lynn Bryant blends personal experiences with passionate prose to paint a vivid and real picture of how racial prejudices shaped her life. This book will add tremendous meaning for the students in Beaufort County Schools as they seek to understand racial tensions and how those tensions affect their interactions in a diverse society. A marvelous book which will give our students a wealth of information. I'm offering it to all my Social Studies teachers"
-Vallerie C. Cave, Ph.D. , Beaufort SC County Schools

“It has soul. It sends shivers. It has substance. Your book provides an intriguing lifetime storyline from a view from a room not many have looked through and would be astonished and enlightened looking through the window of you.”
- Attorney Bernad McIntyre, friend

“I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.”
- Toni Richmond, colleague

“You have three great things going for you in this book: 1) the story of a real woman through an interesting period of time; 2) the unusual story of an interracial family; 3) the direct, simple and therefore elegant way you tell these stories.”
- Wendi Momen, editor,
George Ronald Publishers, United Kingdom


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