The Autobiography of Lynn Markovich Bryant


‘I loved the book! You can feel that you did not write the book alone, that an angel was looking over you as you wrote. It has a message that needed to be told. Many whites sympathize, but you described actually living it. Your story should be required reading for all high school students.’
- Aluette Jones-Smalls,
Board of Directors for Beaufort County Arts Council

'Thank you so much for what you have contributed to mankind.'
- Elizabeth Martin, retired educator and friend

‘I cried as I read your story. I need to get your book to my daughter. Now that she’s in the Army, she’s going through a lot of problems trying to fit in and belong to a group that will accept her.’
-Sherry Heyward, colleague

‘I went through your same story, but in reverse. I lived in a white neighborhood and was one of four blacks attending a white high school. When I attended a predominantly black college, I received a lot of ridicule as I tried to fit in.’
-Rayleen Simmons, artist

'You’ve got the gift and you share a wonderful story. You exemplify Bahá’u’lláh’s tenant of the oneness of mankind, serving as an example of how racism can be eliminated through His Revelation.'
-Deborah Martin, media specialist and friend


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